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Arun Sharma

Ex Chief Investment Officer, IFC

Arun Kumar Sharma is the President of Grovepike Associates and a renowned global leader in structured finance. He is recognized for his groundbreaking work in securitization and related structured products across various markets, and for his pioneering contributions to blended finance and climate finance.

Mr. Sharma's past experience includes serving as the Chief Investment Officer of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), where he oversaw a broad spectrum of innovative transactions in areas such as infrastructure, renewable energy, agriculture, affordable housing, trade finance, distressed debt, financial institutions, and fintech. Currently, he serves as a senior advisor to several major firms and international organizations, including Mastercard, AXA Insurance, and the IFC/World Bank. 

Furthermore, Mr. Sharma is a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Institute of International Finance and a non-resident associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. He also holds a position on the Board of Directors of the Grass Roots Trading Network for Women, an Indian nonprofit organization aimed at connecting women micro-entrepreneurs to markets on fair and equitable terms.

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