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Valuation of Unlisted Equity,OECD

Valuation of Unlisted Equity

LP Valuation Governance :

Concerns around unlisted assets  

Standardised approach to valuation of investment portfolio of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)

Continuation Funds


Continuation Funds with Indian Considerations

LP Education LPs are missing the boat when it comes to continuation funds

LP Education ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ - Continuation Funds and Their Appeal to

LP Education The rise of continuation funds

LP Education Continuation funds Gifts that keep on giving

Hedge Funds


LP Education Hedge Fund Fees, Types, and Structures

LP Hedge Fund Strategies

LP The Performance of Hedge Fund Performance Fees

LP Why Pension Funds should invest in Hedge Funds?

LP Demystifying Hedge Funds: A Design Primer

LP Hedge Fund Strategies

LP Hedge Funds: The Complete Guide

LP The Economics of Hedge Fund: Alpha, Fees, Leverage, and Valuation

LP Hedge Funds in India: Regulatory Overview

LP Regulation of Hedge Funds


LP Measuring PE Fund Performance 

LP 5 Metrics that Private Equity Investors want 

LP Waterfalls: Behind the smoke screen

LP What Private Equity Investors Want: 5 Metrics

LP Splitting Profits

LP PE Fund Performance Ratios and Example 

LP Excel's XIRR Formula in Investment Analysis: A Superb Reevaluation Metric

LP Structuring Waterfall Provisions in LLC and Partnership Agreements

Side Letters


LP What is a Side Letter?  

LP The top 10 terms in side letters

LP Awaiting the fate of the side letter; sovereigns pulled back from PE in 2022

LP The use of Side Letters to Limited Partnership Agreements

LP Why do Pre - Seed Investors ask for Side Letters?

LP The Benefits and Pitfalls of using Side Letters for Private Placements

LP Guidelines Concerning the Use of Side Letters and Withdrawal Provisions in SBA’s Model Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA)

LP What is the Deal with Side Letters?

Venture Capital


LP What is an LP in Venture Capital? Unlocking the Secrets of Limited Partnerships

LP Y Combinator's Online Startup School

LP The Venture Capitalist’s Guide to Limited Partners

Co - Investing


LP New SEBI Rules for AIF LPS to Co-Invest

Advantages of private equity Coinvestments

The Value of Being a Lead


LP The advantages of private equity co-investments

Mitigating the J-curve with


Private equity funds and co-investment: A symbiotic relationship

The Many Shades of Co-Investing

Ready, Steady, Co-Invest

What is private equity co-investing

and why consider it?

Side by Side: Navigating Co-Investments



LP Governance Of AIFs: In Contrast With Corporate Governance



LP Resources Climate-Tech Investments in India- Big Opportunity, Bigger Returns 

Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets

LP Article Canada’s pension fund plans to invest a third of funds in emerging markets



GP Selection

GP Selection

LP Guide to How to Pitch an Investor in Private Equity

LP How to conduct a VC fund due diligence as an LP including ESG?

Pension Funds

Pension Funds


LP Pension Scheme Governance

LP Guide to Private Equity and Venture Capital for Pension Funds

Examining Private Equity in Public Pension Investments

LP Bain & Company Case Study on Pension Fund Opportunities in Private Equity

Venture Capitalist

Venture Capitalist

LP Sequoia Capital's Investment
Playbook (with Alfred Lin)




Limited Partners Reporting: Tips and Best Practices for Effective Communication



All the private equity terms you need at a glance.



LP Private Equity FAQs

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