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Limited Partners invest and co-invest in private equity, venture capital, impact, distressed, mezzanine, infrastructure, special situations funds, hedge funds, funds-of-funds and climate, impact and ESG funds.

Eligibility for Membership

Membership requests can be made by Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Banks, Endowment Funds & Sovereign Wealth Funds. 

In addition, Membership requests made by Ecosystem Players (such as General Partners, Consultants, Lawyers, and Accounting Firms) are also accepted.

Membership Categories & Archetypes 



Benefits of Membership

Learn  best practices for LPs

Network with other LPs 

Discuss Deal Structures

Senior LPs join committees

Exclusive LP Events & Training

Engage with regulators

Be  Informed

Contribute thought Leadership Material

Newsletter on LP Trends

 Exclusive LP events

Engage with international LPs

      Volunteers gain leadership experience 

Apply for Membership

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