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How ESG credentials can fuel fundraising 

LPs warm to idea of climate investing as a separate asset class

Pension Funds focusing on ESG Investing

LPs are turning down alternative managers over ESG concerns

Top 5 ESG related questions LPs ask during fundraising

ESG is a returns enhancer, says 93% of LPs

Institutional investor's guide to ESG Investing

Beginner's guide to ESG investing

CFA Institute : ESG investing and analysis

ESG investing : Your guide to socially responsible stocks

Investor's guide to ESG Investing - ILIM

Avon Pension fund moves $871 million into equities aligned with new Paris agreement

Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance outlines four key principles for evaluating asset managers’ climate policy engagement

ESG- Where Do LPs Really Shake Out?

Public statement by the United Nations Environment Programme on the UN-Convened Net-Zero Insurance Alliance

The Intersection of Private Credit and ESG

Three reasons you should be developing your ESG strategy 

A Guide to Achieving Net Zero Emissions

3 Ways for Companies to Achieve Net Zero - and Stay Profitable

How to Evaluate Your Company's Carbon Risk


SDGs impact standards for private equity

Private Investors and their tradeoff between impact and returns regarding SDGs

SDGs in relation to Pension funds

The role of pension funds in financing green growth initiative

LPs are planning to crate SDGs aligned allocation

Insurance Sector's contribution to SDGs (Article by World Bank)

Life Insurance Companies and SDGs

SDG Acceleration through SWFs

Aligning Public Pension Funds with SDGs

Promotion of sustainability by the dual efforts of SWFs and Public Pension Funds

Investment opportunity for family offices and high-net-worth individuals in Impact Investing

Partnership fund for SDGs

Putting the SDGs Back on Track

SDG impact standards for PE (Article by UNDP)

Scope of Investment by Sovereign Wealth Funds to support SDGs

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The LP impact : How limited partners are driving DEI

Forbes : Jeremy Grantham's firm adds to tech bets in 1st Quarter

Bain & Company : Diversity, equity and inclusion

Despite progress, private equity still has diversity problem

Carlyle : Diversity. equity and inclusion

Webinar session : Learn about Bain's DEI journey and ambition

DEI: Term Sheet Clause


Mathematically calculating your carbon footprint 

What is a carbon footprint? How to calculate and reduce it?

How to Calculate Greenhouse Gas Emissions

ESG measurement at country level 

Use AI to Measure Emissions : Exhaustively, Accurately, and Frequently


SEBI approves regulatory framework for ESG disclosures by listed firms

Understanding SEBI's push for ESG accountability and its positive impact

SEBI : consulting paper on regulatory framework for ESG rating providers

Top 1000 listed companies to file ESG report with SEBI 

SEBI on business responsibility and sustainability reporting

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